19th Biennial APS Conference on Shock
Compression of Condensed Matter

Topical Group Description

The APS Topical Group on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter (GSCCM) was founded in 1984 to foster the development and exchange of information in the discipline of shock compression science. The Group organizes the biennial Topical Conference and publishes a Newsletter, providing an opportunity to disseminate information on shock compression research, including theoretical and computational studies, experimental methods and developments, and numerical methods that are necessary to facilitate an understanding of the physics of shock compression of condensed matter.

How to Join the Topical Group


GSCCM needs a minimum number of members to continue its existence or the Shock Conference goes away.

Why be a Topical Group Member?
  • Assist in deciding who may be nominated as APS Fellows, vote on award winners, etc...
  • Have input into the biennial Shock Compression of Condensed Matter (SCCM) Conference.
  • Be considered as a technical program committee member for organization of the Conference.
  • Connect with other professionals that can network you with post-doc or job opportunities in the field.
  • The Shock Conference has grown from 200 attendees in 1981 to more than 700 projected in 2013.
  • The proceedings are now searchable on SciSearch and other services, and the articles are available in pdf format.
GSCCM Executive Committee (2015)

OFFICERS – Chair: Bill Anderson( Los Alamos National Lab), Chair-elect: Paulo Rigg (Los Alamos National Lab), Vice-Chair: Dan Dolan (Sandia National Lab), Past-Chair: Tracy Vogler (Sandia National Lab), Secretary/Treasurer: Mark Elert (US Naval Academy)

MEMBERS AT LARGE – Scott Alexander (Sandia National Lab), Eric Chisolm (Los Alamos National Lab), Chris Seagle (Sandia National Lab), Dylan Spaulding (Harvard University)

For more information, visit the GSCCM web site: http://www.shockphysics.org/