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Ivan Oleynik

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Department of Physics, ISA 2019
University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Ave.
Tampa, FL 33620

Email: oleynik AT
Phone: (813) 974-8186
Office: ISA 5109

Ivan Oleynik is a professor of Physics at the University of South Florida. He received his PhD from the Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences in 1992. In 1995 he was awarded the Royal Society Fellowship to conduct research on the theory of scanning tunneling microscopy at the University of Bath. Subsequently, Ivan was appointed as a research scientist at Oxford University in 1996, where he developed the theory of analytic bond order potentials, performed first-principles modeling of magnetic tunnel junctions, and investigated atomic-scale mechanisms of CVD diamond growth.

Upon arrival to USF as a faculty member in 2002, Ivan has established new research directions focused on first-principles design and characterization of novel energetic materials, investigation of charge transport in molecular nanostructures, novel two-dimensional materials, and atomistic modeling of materials at extreme conditions.

Recent notable achievements include predicting rectification in molecular diodes, explaining the metallic nature of extended line defect in graphene, uncovering a new two-zone elastic-plastic regime of shock-wave propagation in metals, discovering a new class of high-nitrogen content sodium pentazolate energetic molecular crystals, predicting orientation-dependent metastable states during shock-induced solid-liquid phase transitions in crystalline metals, developing environment-dependent bond order potentials, and observing cellular, transverse, pulsating-turbulent, and spinning detonation regimes in condensed-phase energetic materials.

Ivan’s service to the scientific community includes chairing the 19th Biannual APS International Conference on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter (2015), organizing 2D Materials focus topics at the American Vacuum Society International Symposia (2010-2016), and organizing Matter at Extreme Conditions Focus Topics at the American Physical Society March Meetings (2010-2016). Ivan also established the NSF REU site in Applied Physics at USF in 2010. He is a current chair (2015-2016) of the USF System Research Council, and was a recipient of the USF Outstanding Research Award in 2012.